Tips to Design Living Room

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Living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. Living room is the place where you gather with the family members, friends, neighbors, or colleagues when you have a party. Therefore you should create home design ideas living room which are comfortable and give warm welcome for those who come into the room. Here are some tips for designing a living room. Have a look.

Play with colors

Don’t underestimate what paint colors could do to your room. Paint colors could affect the vibes in the room such as intimate vibe, energizing vibes, or relaxing vibes. It depends on what colors and what shades you choose for the room. The lighter colors you choose, the more airy vibes you will get. The darker shades you choose, the vibes you get will be more intense.

Select well-worked the walls and ceilings

Since there will be many people gather in the living room someday, you should select the right walls and ceilings as your home design ideas living room. Pick the one that will give a statement of your style.

Select comfortable flooring

Whether you choose bare floors or rugs, you should select flooring that would comfortable on your feet and match with other furniture in the room. If you choose rug, then pick rug that are made of soft and easy to clean materials. If you choose bare floors, then pick the materials that will complement the furniture in the room.

Arrange the furniture

Because the living room is the place where you gather many people, you should arrange the furniture so that each people in the room can see each other when they talk.

Create an exclamation point

An exclamation point or known as focal point is the item which could act as the anchor for other furniture. It must attract the attention everyone who come into the room. A fireplace is most common used for living room’s focal point. For home owners with small spaces where they don’t have enough space for a fireplace, TV is the item they used as focal point.

Choose the right lighting

Besides paint colors, lighting also could affect the ambience of the room. The position of lighting and the types of the lighting will give different effects to the room. If currently you browse the lighting, check how the distribution of its illumination. It is recommended in home design ideas living room to buy the lighting with dimmer feature, so that you can easily switch the lighting to create different vibes. 

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