Model Home Design Ideas for Narrow Spaces

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There are model home design ideas that you can try for a small house and places are limited. Luxury apartments with a limited area also can try these ideas. On the stairs leading to the second floor, you can build a wall that is shaped rack. This rack is placed into the wall along the staircase. You can put all the books on the shelves neatly. You can still get a room in a narrow work by creating a unique work desk. A rectangular box can be pinned to the wall. The box can be drawn into a working table for you. This box will look like a display when not being used for work. You can also still get a room in a narrow entertainment. You can make a billiard table using the dining table in your home. This concept is unique because it has a billiard table cover from the timber. You can open the lid while playing billiards. The tables will be turned into a dining table that is quiet when the lid is installed above the pool table.

Multifunctional objects are the main idea for creating a cozy room in a narrow place. You can use the sofa with a cavity in the side and below. The cavity can be used to store books are often read. You do not need a longer shelf or furniture that is expensive to store the books. All furniture must have unique functions that can be used to save space. One of the furniture you need is a table and chairs with a unique shape. You need a round table that has four small sofas. This small sofa can be inserted into the crevices of the table leg so that the furniture will look like a regular table and a couch that is in this table will not be visible.

The narrow room should also have a bedroom. You can use a sofa that has a double function. The sofa can be opened into a bedroom modular gorgeous and practical so that you do not need a lot of space to create a bedroom. The bed of the sofa can be used for two people at once because when you open the sofa, then you will get a two-level bed top and bottom. You can adjust the color of the sofa with the color you want. On the stairs, you can put the closet to put on shoes, bags, and other objects that require storage. At the corner of the ladder should be utilized to the maximum in the narrow room. Those are the model home design ideas for a small house. 

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